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Sorry, you're not eligible to apply for this scheme.

In order to be eligible, you must fall in to one of the categories below

Number of children or qualifying young persons
Type of claimant 1 2 3 4
Single claimant income less than or equal to £18,500 £23,000 £27,500 £32,000
Member of a couple combined income less than or equal to £25,500 £30,000 £34,500 £39,000

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Combi Condensing Gas Boiler

If you meet certain criteria under the current ECO scheme, you could be entitled to a new boiler with up to 100% of the cost covered. This is because the Government has set aside funding to help certain households that may be suffering from what is called ‘fuel poverty’. Fuel poverty is defined as when you need to be using at least 10% of your income to warm your home to the agreed standard, which is a temperature of 22º centigrade in your main living areas, such as the bedroom or living room. You also need to be in receipt of certain Government benefits to qualify.

Benefits of a new boiler

ECO3 is the Government’s current Energy Efficiency programme set up to help households save energy and reduce damage to the environment. If your boiler is old then it could be operating at an energy rating as low as G, making it only 50% or 60% efficient. This means it could be costing you far more in energy bills than you realise. Old boilers aren’t as efficient as new ones as they use more energy. With the ECO3 scheme, even if you have to make some contribution towards the cost of any insulation service, it wouldn’t take long before you begin reaping back what you have paid out in the money saved on your energy bills.

Savings range from £60 to £490 a year, depending on the size of your property and the rating of your old boiler. The average saving is £310 a year. The higher your boiler rating, the bigger the saving.

Boilers used to be marked from A to G for efficiency, but now they are graded as a percentage.

  • A is now is graded as above 90%
  • B is now graded as between 86% and 90%
  • C is now graded as between 82% and 86%
  • D down to G have grades of 78% to below 70%, but these boilers will eventually disappear from the market, as new building regulations state that all new installations must be at least 88%, which is an A or a B rating.

The average boiler costs around £3,000 to supply and fit, but it does depend on the type of boiler you want and the energy grading.

You can get a loan for a new boiler through the Green Deal and if you are on a low income you might get money towards a boiler through the ECO Scheme. Contact us and we can advise you about the schemes and how to apply.

Customer Testimonials

Ben Wilcock
Amazing service

Amazing service, did a great job with the loft insulation. Very friendly and professional service. Highly recommend

Margaret L
Highly recommended A+++

What a fantastic service! I am a Deaf person along with my wife. They were extremely professional, courteous and patient. Kam communicated via typing out his questions and answers and Vivek, inspected the boiler and drew. The surveyors promised me a new boiler which fitted in under two weeks of me contacting the company and gave me a voucher!

Jay. Sane
Great company.

“Great company. I have used Eco Target for many years and know the company well. We are an estate agent so our contractors are a representation of our business, that is why we use Eco Target for a insulation works across our portfolio. ”

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